Vietnamese Curly Bundles (Afro,Deep,Wavy Curly)


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Wavy Curly

Our Vietnamese Wavy Curly Hair. Embrace the relaxed elegance of our low-maintenance Wavy Curly texture. Sourced from Vietnam, these beach wave-inspired curls are perfect for achieving a carefree and natural look.

The wavy curl pattern offers versatility – you can enjoy its laid-back beauty as-is, or easily straighten it for a different style. This texture is designed to give you the best of both worlds – the freedom to switch up your look while maintaining a natural, easy-going vibe.

Whether you’re new to textured hair care or a seasoned pro, our Vietnamese Wavy Curly Texture is all about celebrating effortless beauty with a touch of beach-inspired charm.


Deep Curly

Our Vietnamese Deep Curly Hair. Our Deep Curly texture strikes the perfect balance between relaxed waves and Afro-inspired curls, offering a unique and versatile look. Sourced from Vietnam, this texture provides a stunning blend of depth and definition.

The deep curl pattern offers endless styling possibilities – you can wear it in its natural state for a chic, textured look. We recommend embracing its natural beauty, but you also have the option to straighten it for a sleeker appearance, thanks to its adaptability.

With our Vietnamese Deep Curly Texture, you can effortlessly express yourself with a captivating, in-between texture that’s sure to turn heads while enjoying the versatility it offers.

Each bundle weighs 3.5oz-4oz

Afro Kinky Curly

Experience Authentic Texture with Our Vietnamese Afro Kinky Hair. This carefully sourced texture delivers a genuine Afro Kinky look with captivating high-volume curls. It’s versatile, allowing you to straighten it for a sleek appearance that remarkably mimics natural melanated women’s hair. However, we recommend embracing its natural beauty in its curly state for a low-maintenance look that complements your unique style.

Each bundle weighs 3.5oz-4oz

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Vietnamese Curly

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